Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Weak and the Strong

The Arts --- Poetry (Celebrating Poetry Month)

The Weak and the Strong
Ric Couchman

Against you I am no match
But I do not fear you.
Any pain you can cause me
I have already experienced.
Suffering and pain are my mates.
No more painful than a pulled tooth
Is that which you do to me.
I offer you no resistance,
But do not conclude that I am weak 
Or that I am hopelessly resigned.
The punches you gave me,
Your conspiracies and intrigues,
All the names you called me,
Your invasions and sanctions,
The bombs you dropped on me,
Your vetoes and embargoes,
The bullets you fired at me,
Your annexations and destabilizations,
All testify to my endurance.
You call them strength and power;
But I, hallmarks of cowardice.
You thump your lofty chest,
Describing yourself as exceptional.
You wallow and are drowning
In your self-proclaimed greatness,
Intoxicated by your own might,
Always giving preference to force.
So, go ahead; do your worst.
You, in your weakness, offer force;
I offer you no resistance.

[Photographic Art by Ric Couchman]

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