Friday, June 27, 2014

Descent into Madness

Current Affairs---

Are our leaders stark, raving mad?  What's with this insatiable appetite for chaos and destruction?  Must war and bloodshed define a our nation's greatness?  Must every conflict be resolved through bombs and guns and missiles?  Do we expect to gain the respect and admiration of other nations by making threats and by invading their lands?  Must our leaders continually put our sons and daughters in harms way, and must they use our resources to fund their wars?   Can't they see how foolhardy it is to threaten and back into a corner that country that has as lethal a nuclear arsenal as we.  Will we keep falling for their lies and their machinations?  What's with our Leader's recent request for $500 million dollars to give to the rebels fighting against the Syrian government in Syria?  Doesn't such funding simply perpetuate the civil war currently destroying that country, as well as the lives of its citizens?  Wouldn't we be better off using that money to take care of some of our problems here at home?  Isn't there anyone out there, any group, any individual, willing to call our leaders to account?  Must we turn a blind eye to the manifestations of this madness because we are too caught up with our vain inanities - our World Cup, our fashion, our TV shows, our smart phones, our narcissistic pursuits?   Are we going to simply stand by and watch this descent into madness?  Will we remain silent?

[Photo Art by Ric Couchman]

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