Sunday, June 22, 2014


The Arts: Painting ---

I'm reclining on the beach under the precious shade of a palm tree at the Tamarind Hotel in Barbados and who shows up?  Ronaldo!  Now before you get all excited, let me hasten to say that it wasn't Cristiano (sorry about the contractions, Nick) nor was it THE Ronaldo.  You know, like the Brasilian one.  Anyway...once I hear him tell me his name I immediately thought to myself that we will be talking about the FIFA World Cup.  After all, this was Barbados, and after cricket, football holds good status, so I figured I was in for a good conversation.  "So, are you following the World Cup?" I ask.  Imagine my surprise when he answered in the negative and then proceeded to tell me he was a jockey and that he also loved auto racing.  Unbelievable!!!!   But our young man had more important business to attend to than to talk to some "tourist" (don't quite see myself as a tourist) about the World Cup.  He was trying to make a living selling his father's (Livingston King) water-color art.  These ranged from beautiful seascapes to erotic abstract offerings. Since I wasn't (there's that contraction again, Nick :-) particularly interested in taking back with me prints or picture frames of artwork, I asked his permission to photograph two of his images at a negotiated price.   Who knows?  Maybe if Mr. Livingston had come to the beach himself to sell his art we would have talked about the World Cup, for, after all, he named his son after one of the World's greatest players.  

[Seascape in Water-color by Livingston King, Barbados]

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