Monday, June 23, 2014

The Other Skeleton in Soccer's Closet

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Some things, like a recurring, bad dream will simply not go away.  Racism is one of those things, and it appears that, despite President Dilma Rousseff's promise to ensure a "World Cup without racism", it is beginning to raise its ugly head at that event.  Several incidents in Brazil and around the world leading up to the World Cup prompted President Dilma to label this greatest of sporting events the "Anti-Racism World Cup".  In those incidents, players and referees of color were reported to have been subjected to racial slurs, in some cases called monkeys, had bananas thrown at them, or had their properties vandalized.  And now we hearing of reports of fans showing up in black-face at the Germany vs. Ghana game a few days ago.  Some claim that this incident is simply an isolated one by a few ignorant German fans.  Others suggest that it is reflective of a deep-rooted problem in the various structures of society.   Regardless, such behavior is unacceptable and should not be countenanced in any way.   It is indeed sad that aside from the FIFA governing body, the other skeleton that soccer (football) has in its closet is Racism.

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