Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Don't You Love It?

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Ha! Ha!  Don't you love it?  All that rubble from the buildings I've blown to bits?  The dead and the wounded piling up like excrement?  Pregnant women, old men, old women, children, with no where to go?  The more I bomb them the less sated I am, so I have to bomb them some more.  And I am not even using my own weapons and ordnance.  Ha! Ha! They are made in the ASU!  I'm sure you know that from the billions in aid she gives us that she requires us to spend two thirds of it on purchasing her arms.  Hey, her tax payers are funding this slaughter, so don't blame me for the carnage.  World leaders (the ones who matter) have been saying that I have the right to defend myself.  And of course I have a lot of ordinary citizens all over the world who feel the same (well, in those few countries that matter).  Little do they know that according to international law an occupying power cannot claim the right of self defense.  Hehe.  That would be like Hitler saying that Germany had the right to defend itself against the French resistance during its occupation of France.  

And you know what is funny?  Now those same leaders (corrections, not all of them) who asserted my right to defend myself, like Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chancellors, Secretary Generals, and former Mayors (except my man, Bloomberg) are starting to talk about having concerns because of the killings.  Well, by saying I have the right to defend myself (which I strongly believe is my right) they effectively painted themselves in a corner.  The fools!  Don't they realize that if the principle of self defense is the highest value (which they grant me) than that principle trumps the results or manner of my self defense?  So that dead babies and children and bodies blown to bits mean absolutely nothing.  Self defense is the highest principle.

And you've gotta love the way I have people believing all the stuff that My defense force tweeted recently.   I'm talking about those images they posted.  You know, like the image that asked, "What Would You Do?"  Hehe!  People were uncritically accepting that sh#t.  No one even bothered to ask about the antecedents.  I told you people don't think for themselves any longer.  No one asks for evidence any more.  They just accept what I say.  Like the human shield claim.  Haha!  They didn't even ask me for proof.  Not even the major media asked for proof.  Woohoo!  It's called propaganda, baby!   They believed me because the sub-texts of those images suggested that I am more moral than the people I am bombing.  And people are buying my ad hominem arguments hook line and sinker.  Suckers!

I'm bombing the hell out of these people, and I have almost everybody in my corner.  I've got the evangelical Christians on my side.  They don't know how to deal with the dilemma of my violence and the fact that they think I am God's chosen, so they just keep their mouths shut or vigorously defend my right to defend myself.  Then there other religious groups that, because they are not supposed to get involved in politics, simply resort to praying.  That works for me as long as they are not condemning me.  Then there are those like that guy Ric Couchman who advocates calling both me and those people to task for the violence between us.  It pisses me off that those people have to be put on the same level as I, but I will take sharing equal responsibility (wink, wink) as long as I am not the one having to take most of the blame.  And who the hell does that Ric Couchman think he is anyway?  

Look, I have been doing this for over fifty years.  Trust me; soon everyone will forget all about that which is happening now.  I just need to scare these people a bit more, inflict some more damage, and hopefully many of them will leave.  The UN will issue their condemnation of me, and my dude in Washington will veto that sh#t.  And boy, those UN Resolutions have made good toilet paper over the years; they are quite soft.  You should try them.  Hehe.  Anyway, I've got to go.  More leaflets to drop (to tell people who have no place outside their homes to hide to evacuate their homes), more bombing to do, more propaganda to spread.  I will keep you up-to-date.  In the meantime, keep on giving me your support.

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