Saturday, July 12, 2014

"Am I Not Exceptional?"

The Arts - Poetry---

Xceptional Ism
Ric Couchman

Tell me;
Am I not exceptional?

The cousin of Racism,
Kin to Zionism,
A sibling of Nazism -
That's who I am.
A national and foreign policy,
A new philosophy,
A new ideology,
A new religion,
A new morality -
That's what I am.

"with every fiber of my being"
That I am Supreme
Above all others.
There is none better,
None more worthy.
I feel it deep within;
I am exceptional.
Hollywood promotes it;
I am always the "good guy".
The crowds acknowledge it,
With their shouts of

To the same standards as others
I will not be held.
It is my right,
And it is not to be questioned.
My exceptionalism allows me that right.
I possess the right
To guide the world structure,
To rule by force of arms,
To lead all others,
Whether they like it or not.
Nothing can be done about it.

Without my leadership
There will be chaos
(I prevent chaos by bringing chaos.).
Without my leadership
There will be destruction
(I prevent destruction by bringing destruction.).
Without my leadership 
There will be barbarism
(I prevent barbarism by acts of barbarism;
Yes, I do slaughter children, too,
And the elderly,
Yea, the innocents.
Collateral damage I call them.
That's always my excuse.).

It is my Destiny
To lead all, to judge all.
It is Manifest,
Decreed such by God
In whom I trust,
(Though you would never know it),
For who needs God
With such a military as I have?
I embrace Law, 
I uphold Morality,
I champion Democracy,
When doing so suit my purpose,
But I eschew them
If contrary to the National interest
(Another excuse to do as I please).

I will do everything;
I will do anything -
Regime change,
Black sites,
Extra-judicial assassinations,
Hyperbolic state terror,
Drone strikes,
Illegal surveillance,
Civil unrest,
Economic collapse,
Anything -
To prevent the emergence of an equal.

To fools, to the naive, to the gullible,
I offer the illusion of democracy,
The hollowness of free speech,
And the false promise of freedom.
I create bogeymen,
I invent amorphous enemies,
I demonize other nations and leaders
To justify going to war.
I offer false diplomacy in one hand
And a gun or a big stick in the other.
Militarism and Bretton Woods are my tools.
Bombs and bullets constitute my peace;
Perpetual War is my policy.

So answer me;
Am I not exceptional?

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