Saturday, August 9, 2014

Warning! Monster At Large!

Current Affairs ---

A new monster has emerged, threatening our freedom, threatening world peace.  Oops!  Sorry!  Correction!  A new monster HAS BEEN CREATED, and with unbelievable artistry (or sophistry?), its creators (led by ASU their creator-in-chief) have gotten us to suspend all judgement, causing us to accept without careful examination this threat to our freedom, to our existence, to world peace.  This evil, monstrous creation is called Aissur or Nitup.  So skillful have the creators been in their sophistry (correction again: artistry) that they have been able to portray the hideousness and the evil nature of this wicked monster without actually giving us any specific details or evidence as to why the monster is a monster in the first place.  Wow!  Isn't that awesome!  That's called creativity (or sophistry?).

In fact, it seems as if the creators are the only ones doing the talking and acting.  They have been threatening the monster verbally, and rightly so.  Monsters can only understand the language of threat.  They have have set things up so that others cannot have dealings with the monster.  They have been playing war games around the monster's house (No! The creators are not school boys; how dare you say that!?).  They have accused the monster of doing some terrible things.  What is the evidence, you ask?  What kind of dumb question is that?  Come on!  Just take their word for it.  And you know what else?  They have been placing missiles aimed at the monster's house in the houses of the monster's neighbors.  

What is particularly interesting is that the monster is taking all this like a dumb sheep.  I don't get it.  I expected the monster to act like a monster in the face of all the threats, but the monster is not acting like a monster at all.  If I didn't take the creators' word for it I would conclude that the monster appears to be responding more like a human-being than like a monster.  But that can't be; the creators say it is a monster, and they are always right.  The creators belong to a peaceful organization called OTAN.  Someone told me it stands for Organization To Annihilate Nations (that don't toe the line) - such as Have-Gone-Instan', I-Wreck, Live-Ya (no longer), and See-Ya.  Haha!  Of course war is in the air.  One does not need a brain to figure that out.  With all the war games being played and with all the threats of war, someone is bound to get trigger-happy.  They are just waiting for that loathe some monster to give them the opportunity to blow his "bleep" away.  Hey, we haven't had a World War in over 50 years.  There are billions of dollars to be made.  It's about time we had number three; don't you think?  Man, I can't wait.

Wait a minute!  You know what I just remembered?  The last time I checked, Mary Shelley's  Victor Frankenstein turns out to be more beastly, more monstrous, more evil than the monster he created.  Hmmm.  What am I missing here?

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