Friday, September 26, 2014

All That Stuff About Police Brutality

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Now that the uproar concerning the two most recent heavily publicized deaths by police officers (in New York City and in Ferguson) has died down, I will give my two cents.  Most of the young men and women who seek employment as law enforcement officers or who have become law enforcement officers do so with good and honorable intentions.  They do not do so to "brutalize" perpetrators of crime or suspects of criminal activity.  Like most other employees in other professions, they derive a great deal of satisfaction from their roles as officers of the law and see their jobs as a means of providing a livelihood for their families.  Their job is not at all easy.  Three things make their job difficult - the unpredictability of response by "perps", their long hours on their individual shifts, and (that which a lot of people are unaware of) an unkind police department bureaucracy with which they have to deal from day to day.

But every time I hear about incidents such as the ones that recently filled the media, one individual comes to mind - Brian.  Brian is a police officer.  And even as I write this I can feel the emotion welling up in my throat.  Brian is a good man and one of the nicest persons I know.   He loves his family and takes pleasure in being his best at his job.  He is a damn good police officer, and there are also several adults and teenagers I know who will concur with my assessment.  Whenever I see him and we greet each other I experience a feeling of pride at knowing him.   Our city, New York City, can rest assured that it is being protected and that the law is being enforced because Brian is on the beat.  And rest assured also that there are many other "Brian's" out there on the beat - far more than we might think.  God bless and protect you, Brian, and may He provide comfort for your family while you are out there with potential danger lurking near.  And may He do the same for all the other "Brian's" out there as well.

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