Friday, September 12, 2014

The Hawk in Dove's Feathers

Current Affairs ---

What a strange world we live in!  And with each passing day I am trying to make sense of it.  I need help here.  I am struggling to figure out how a Nobel Peace Prize winner can get away with being bellicose, belligerent, and a warmonger.  Every time he opens his mouth he seems to be spewing threats, taking a posture of vengeance, and coming across as a bully.  It is as if he has developed this insatiable appetite for bombings from on high at a safe distance and for war games.  In his wake he has left a trail of blood and several failed states.  No state is safe from his reach anymore.  In the meanwhile, the other person whom he has characterized as an aggressor with expansionist intentions is the one sounding like a man of peace - the one with more sense. 

Now this "aggressor"  is probably the one who helped to avert a bad situation that might have resulted from that silly "red line" crossing threat from the Nobel Peace Prize winner, and he is the one who is chiefly responsible for the current Minsk Ceasefire Agreement.  You would think that Mr. Nobel Peace Prize winner would welcome such an agreement, for, after all, he is supposed to have a reputation for peace.  Well, that is far from the case.  Instead he is issuing more threats and playing more war games.  And what is more is that his EU stooges are in lock step with him.  What they seem to have forgotten is that Mr. Nobel Peace Prize winner is calling the shots at a safe distance from across the Atlantic and that they are the ones who will end up bearing the brunt of any fallout from the sh#t hitting the fan.  But more puzzling to me is that we smart people seem to be falling for all his rhetoric and smooth talk and not seeing him for the hawk he really is.

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