Monday, September 22, 2014

What's In Your Favorite Pro Soccer Team's Name

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I'm pissed, very pissed.  Let me explain why.  I live in New York City.  I am an avid soccer fan; I can't get enough of the sport.  Like most other soccer fans in the US and around the world I want to support the amateur or professional football (soccer) club of my town, county, or city.   Now my city, New York City, has a professional soccer club that is part of the United States' Major League Soccer (MLS).  Why then am I pissed, you ask?   Because it is not named New York Football Club (NYFC) like Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC, Manchester United FC, Portland Timbers FC, Bayern-Munich FC, Tottenham Hotspurs FC, or FC Bahia.   Soccer clubs are usually named after their cities, with some other distinguishing characteristics or features added, and with emblems signifying some unique or nostalgic connection to those cities.  The combination of these elements engenders in fans a warm loyalty and attachment to the particular team, inspiring them to wear (with pride) their team's jerseys at soccer matches or in their goings-about for all to see.

New York City's professional soccer club is named after an energy drink and the Manufacturing Company that makes it.  Its emblem, that sacred patch usually found just above the heart on a soccer team's jersey, is the logo found on the energy drink - two red bulls going head-to-head against the background of a solid yellow circle.  I do not drink the Red Bull energy drink.  I do not drink commercial energy drinks, period (Whenever I need an energy boost, I juice a combination of watermelon, beets, green apples, and carrots).  Would you believe it!!??  A soccer club named after an energy drink or a Company?!   Red Bull used to be a mere sponsor just like other companies, but now it owns the team that bears its name.  Is this the new trend?  If it is, watch out for Manchester United Chevrolets, Portland Jet Blues, Chicago Coca Colas, Liverpool Budweisers, Los Angeles Pepsies, Bayern-Munich Mercedes-Benz, Barcelona Nikes, Manchester City McDonalds, or DC United Chipotles.  In the meanwhile, absent an MLS team with which I can identify, I will be throwing my support behind Portland Timbers FC.  My friend, Steven Lenhart will be pleased.  Oh...and my team's replica jersey is in the mail.

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