Sunday, October 5, 2014

Celebrating World Teacher's Day

Education ---

[The Primary School I attended in Guyana]
I take this opportunity to recognize:

  • Mrs. Welcome (aka Teacher Welcome) - my kindergarten school teacher
  • Mrs. Faye Fenty - my Commom Entrance Class teacher (primary school)
  • My other Primary School Teachers whose names I can't remember

  • My Teachers at Covent Garden Secondary School, Guyana
  • Sensei "Finny Arm" Henry and Sensei Stanislaus Allison - my Karate Instructors
  • Those Professors who guided me at Jamaica Theological Seminary, Jamaica
  • Those Professors who guided me at Caribbean Graduate School of Theology, Jamaica
  • The amazing staff with whom I work at the Robert Louis Stevenson School, NYC
  • Those teachers making a difference around the world

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