Saturday, October 4, 2014


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I am one of those individuals who, if it really grabs me, will listen to the same song over and over again for months.  Well, a certain song, "Commentario a Respeito de John", has grabbed me recently.  It is a song that was composed and sung by Brazilian composer and singer, Belchior.  But it isn't the original song that has captivated my soul.  That distinction goes to Livia Gabriel's interpretation of the song.  Her rendition of the original gives me an entirely new and delightful song.  And while the original is terrific, Livia's version gives it that authentic Brazilian expression that I did not particularly find in Belchior's. In Livia's version of the song, the unmistakable bossa nova beat is quite obvious, with  Dade Da Paz Oliveira on strings providing the underlying rhythm and  Tonico Freitas on percussion providing that distinctive bossa nova drumming style.  Harmonized with the accompanying instruments, Livia's sirenic voice soothes, warm, and uplifts the soul, taking it on a hypnotic flight that leaves the listener enthralled, delighted, and wanting more.  She reminds me of the British singer, Sade.  Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to present, Livia (who is also my partner's sister), as she performs Belchior's "Commentario a Respeito de John".

[Click on image below. Use ear/headphones for best quality sound.]

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