Monday, October 6, 2014

South Korea vs. North Korea

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The 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea came to an end yesterday (October 4) after a few weeks of exciting and entertaining competition among those countries that participated.  As I indicated in a previous blog, you would have hardly known that these games were occurring because of the limited to non-existent coverage here in North America.  After all, can any good thing come out of any other place than in North America and Europe and Australia and New Zealand?  Well, actually, I lie.  There was coverage (or mention more or less) of one aspect of the Games a few days ago by NBC, Bloomberg, and Yahoo News - that the South Korean men's team beat the North Korean's men's team in the gold medal soccer match.  Never mind that other teams won gold in the finals of the other sports or that the North Korean women's team beat Japan on route to beating China in the gold medal soccer match.  Absolutely nothing was said in the major news about the latter.

And why is that, one might ask?  North Korea and its leaders have always been vilified and demonized by Washington and in the media as belligerent and "evil".  Any "news" that casts them in a bad light, such as their losing to neighbor South Korea (with whom there exists tensions) or such as their test-firing of rockets, gets aired.  However, news about their success, such as their winning the women's gold medal match, gets buried.  It was indeed thrilling to see the North Koreans and the South Koreans compete against each other in soccer and in various other sports during the Games, working out their issues (so to speak) in sports and on the court and playing field instead of on the battlefield with bullets and bombs.  However, I could not help feeling a bit of sadness.  I would imagine that the people on both sides of the so-called "38th Parallel" (or DMZ) long for the day of their reunification - their separation having been caused, in the first place, by the machinations of both the United States and the former Soviet Union following World War II.

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