Thursday, October 2, 2014

The 400 Blogs ---

This Blog marks my 400th blog submission, and its title, for those of you who might have noticed, hints of that 1959 masterpiece of Francois Truffaut.  I started blogging just over a year ago, writing at least one blog per day.  It was quite an ambitious undertaking to say the least, but the well-spring of thoughts that filled my mind and my desire and motivation to put them out there made the task easy.  My decision to write on topics from seven categories also allowed me to stay engaged, thus making the task appear less burdensome and tedious than might be imagined.  The categories include, Religion & Philosophy, Health & Fitness, Current Affairs, Society & Culture, Education, Science & Technology, and the Arts.  For the most part each blog has been of a two-paragraph length, though on occasions I have written as many as three, and on very rare occasions, four.  I made the decision to stay within a two-paragraph limit because most people do not have the time to read longer pieces. This of course required packing a lot of substance into two paragraphs, but though I have found it a challenge, I have been able to rise to the occasion.

I write my blogs driven by a love of life, a sense of justice, the intoxication of my imagination, my rejection of every form of violence, an affirmation of the use of reason, logic, and good sense in our day to day existence, and a passion to expand my horizons.  My writings represent my own inner struggles.  In that regard they are open-ended, not dogmatic.  They assume that the quest for understanding is never complete and that there might be something missing or that I might have it all wrong after all.  I understand that my points-of-view might not align with those of some of my readers, but all I ask is that those readers regard me, nonetheless, as a friend and not an enemy.  And those of my readers who sympathize with my views I ask that they not be in too much of a hurry to simply agree with me but to consider and weigh carefully whether the things I might be saying are so.  Many readers have paid me very kind compliments about my blogs and about my ability as a writer.  Such kindness, though I might not respond (which lack I attribute to my own shyness), has not been lost on me but has been received with the most humble regard and appreciation.  

And so it is with gratitude that I celebrate this milestone, saying thanks to all my readers (known and unknown), and in particular to Julius, and also Nick, Shari, Karin, Brian, and others of my friends, and including those friends from the Facebook Groups Gaff Corner and Anything Guyanese First. 

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