Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Venceremos", Indeed!

Current Affairs ---

By announcing its intent to restore diplomatic ties with Cuba, the United States of America is doing that estimable country no favors. For over five decades, through its program of bullying, destabilization, attempted assassinations, sanctions, embargoes, and regime change, the supposedly mighty United States has sought to bring that diminutive island on its doorsteps to its knees. But through it all Cuba has prevailed, withstanding proudly and with tremendous fortitude the onslaught of the world's super bully. President Obama's declaration, far from being some kind of move of good will, is nothing else but a capitulation and an acknowledgement of defeat for the U.S. as it attempted to impose its will on Cuba through attrition. In the face of this development, Cuba stands as the exemplar par excellence in its ability to stand up to the superpower and prevail. It has held firm through all these years and has not yielded to persistent U.S. pressure and hostility.

Cuba stands tall. It can hold its head high with pride. It has maintained its dignity despite the humiliating treatment it experienced from the U.S. And now it stands in judgement of the mighty U.S. whose actions belie its self-righteous claim of being supreme in morality. The other countries of the world that blindly and slavishly supported the policy of the United States toward Cuba also ought to be ashamed of themselves. Cuba, for its part has shown that it can live without the supposed largesse of the United States and perhaps should thumb its nose at that country's offer of the restoration of diplomatic relations, but that little country will do no such thing, for it has shown itself to be more honorable and in possession of more grace and dignity than its persecutor and wannabe suzerain. The slogans "Venceremos" and "Patria o Muerte" which I saw on the wall of my apartment when I was growing up as a child now mean more to me than ever. God bless Cuba.

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