Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Glaring Omission

Current Affairs ---

Ha ha! Not a single line or reference about you in that Speech the other night. Not a single word. And you thought you would have made it into this year's Status of the Association Address, since you made it last year when there was mention of that much touted (and short-lived) diplomacy intended to achieve peace between you and that other entity in the Center of the East. What planet are you on? You and your people are not worth the paper and ink it took to write this year's speech. Don't you get it? You are nothing. You should realize that by now. All the dis-United Nations Dots per Square Inch that were vetoed over the past 50 years, including the most recent one in your bid to become sovereign, all the incursions, all the bombardments, the tepid response to those bombings by the spineless, international, vassal community, the threats to withhold aid because you want to join that Criminal Court which, by the way, seems solely to exist to prosecute African leaders - all those things and more should clue you in to the reality that you and your people do not matter. 

You are simply yesterday's news - August's news for that matter (the month in which you were bombarded). The other one got mentioned though - the one who bombed your sorry a__ and got away with it (beats me how they keep getting away with it every time). In the speech (or gasconade - if you wish to call the speech by that name) they are referred to as "ally". Ha, ha! I guess that makes you an enemy then. Look, you are not liked. Don't you realize that? Don't you realize that no one gives a s___ if your lands gets taken away and settlements built on them? If people did give a s___, something would have been done about it long ago. It's about time you get over the idea that you and your people are worth anything. You are merely cannon fodder on whom to try out new weapons and a problem that is hoped would just disappear. You are a non-issue, an omission.

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