Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Song(s) That Best Sums Me Up

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My blogs seem to have an edge to them lately, and for obvious reasons. I have been pissed off by a lot of things. This time around I figured that I would go with something a bit lighter - perhaps even a bit funny. Some time last week I observed several of my Facebook friends responding to a questionnaire that purported to identify a particular song that best sums them up. Quite a few of them got Paul McCartney's "Hey Jude". Curious to know which song sums me up, I decided to answer the ten (I believe it was ten - don't really remember) questions. The summary I received told me that I am a smart (I would say, 'becoming smart'), cultured, unconventional individual who is also humble (Angie tells me I am full of myself.), highly respected in my circle (If they only knew the real me), and genuinely loved for my quirks (Quirks?!!). It also informed me that I am fascinating in every possible way (Are we thinking of the same person?), that I am playful (Yea.), in possession of a brain full of knowledge and wit (Sometimes I wonder.), and that people feel lucky to be considered my friend (Well, all except Julius). 

Okay. Fair enough, but a lot of my friends received the same message, and just as they did, I also got "Hey Jude" as the song that best sums me up. Now I have absolutely nothing against "Hey Jude". In fact, I love the song; what an ending! But to say that it best sums me up!!! No way (Nah...nah, nah, na-na-na-na!)! So I did some thinking of my own, trying to figure out the song that best sums me up. Guess what! I came up with two. I didn't have to answer any questionnaire either, for, after all, I know me. The first song that came to mind was M.O.P's "Ante Up" Featuring Busta Rhyme (I notice that look on your face.). The second song was Luigi Boccherini's Minuet - String Quintet in E Major (You're scratching your head.). I thought of Wagner's "Tannhauser" as the second choice but decided to go with Boccherini's minuet instead. So here we go then. Two songs that best sum me up (Click on Links below.). Do watch out for the uncensored lyrics in the first one (wicked grin :-)

*And assuming you were able to get through the first, here is the second...

You know what? On second thought...I can see "Hey Jude" as a possibility.

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