Monday, February 16, 2015

When Creative Energies Combine

The Arts: Poetry

A Taste of Paradise
Veniesha Rochester
Ric Couchman

O most precious gift,
O hairy
, oval of bliss,
Revolting to a child,
But to a man, enticing.
I promulgate your praise.

Entangled and warped
By circled lines of glory.
Eagerly inviting joint effort
Against a pulsating stillness.
Alas! Embracing your worship.

The most 
appealing you are not;
Beauty eludes you
Nothing comely is revealed
When your lips 
are parted,
And yet
, inexplicably,
I am drawn to you.

Because I usher you in a web
Laced with natural perfume,
While I am carried by you.
My slender ones dangle, then
With delight, robing you King,
As your firmness is handled

And Oh, that smell,
Repulsively pleasing,
Revoltingly intoxicating,
A contradiction of redolence
Leaving in second place
The rose's fragrance.

But that can’t compare
To captivity that frees inactivity.
I’m arrested by your sensitive palm
That bears a pointed question,
Digging, revealing…
Pink truths that swear.

And why does my hand
So eagerly search you out?
Why do my fingers probe?
I touch you and I am slain.
O happy death!
Slay me a thousand times

And each time I’m resurrected.
You are equipped also to
Fill unfulfilled spaces of flesh.
Oh my twisted fate you positioned,
Crisscrossed in this matrix,
Finding my conservative farce

And so I find myself face down
And I am in that wet, sacred valley
And my lips seek the Earth
And my tongue probe
s its depths
you offer me your nectar
I am sated by its flow.

Like a hedonistic release
I reluctantly relent
From this gesture of passion.
Celebrating like platonic friends
This exchange of gift packages,
Empty… but sealed with love.

[Photo Art by Ric Couchman]

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