Friday, March 20, 2015

Mightier Than the Gunman

The Penman
Da Mann, MeSeh, & Sabio

Shall I hold back my anger,
Leaving all vengeance to You?
Man, fuck You! People are suffering,
Babies dying from experimental inoculations,
And You expect us to turn the other cheek?
No mas! No more! Enough!
Please, tell me something different;
Tell me something new.

The lands lie desolate and in tears,
Raped and plundered and languishing.
The blood of our children screams.
Justice and hope are carted off in chains,
Greed and violence, their cruel captors.
Disease scavenges for those still alive;
Poverty rummages through the residue,
And you sit at ease, sated, in your safe place.

IIRun! Run, I say! I am coming after you.
There is nowhere for you to hide.
You are exposed; no rock can cover you.
Your worst nightmare I shall be.
The cross-hairs of truth shall mark you.
Swift and complete will be your devastation
No council of security, no convention,
None can save you from my craft.

Imperiling the innocence of our humanity
With your threats and flying machines,
You violate the sanctity of private space,
Perversely eyeing every move we make,
Lulling us into a false sense of freedom,
Tapping into our thoughts and emotions,
Sacrificing the future of the planet
As you wheel out weapons of mass destruction.

You think you can deprive us of the means of survival
To consolidate your one percent fame and fortune.
You overload and infect the disc that is spinning
Inside our universe of understanding,
But with my pen, the truth will I ink
On every wall behind which you try to hide.
Graffiti letters of shame on every lens will write,
And every word will move in step to the beat of Verdi's March!

I have survived the 40 acres and your mule.
I want to live! I want to live in a land of peace
Where my skin is not a prison
And your eyes not that of a needle
That continues to pierce my listless body.
Why must my offspring be continuously pulled
From the rubbles of war. Why?
While yours are tucked away with bedtime stories? 

Babylon, you leave me no choice but to write.
No!…I refuse to remain silent in your world –
In your promise of injustice,
In your world of profit,
In your world of corporate hell.
So, as long as this pen is filled
With the blood you have spilled,
shall write on! I will write on!

The writings are on the pages and on the wall. 
They forecast your doom and destruction.
They denounce your rapacious exploitation.
They condemn your illegal orchestrations.
Oppressed nations will rise up to judge you;
The innocents will cast their lots against you.
Your economic strangulations will come to an end.
Your war-mongering ways shall no more offend;
And you will be brought to justice,
Terminated with extreme prejudice.
I shall find you,
And the truth of my pen will destroy you.

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