Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Mediterranean C (as in C-E-M-E-T-R-Y)

Current Affairs --- 

About three years ago, AP and I enjoyed a wonderful and memorable cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, making stops along the coasts of Italy and France, and on the Balearic Islands, Palma and Ibiza. It was such at fantastic trip that we resolved to cruise the Mediterranean Sea again this summer. However, recent events made me decide against it and made me refuse to allow the countries of the EU (not including Greece) to profit from our summer vacation. You see, the Mediterranean Sea has recently become a watery grave for hapless black and brown-skinned men, women, and children from  Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Eritrea, Somalia, Senegal, Ghana, and Syria (add Yemen as well) running for their lives and fleeing their war-ravaged and economically impoverished countries.  

And it is not like the EU countries are compassionately opening their arms and saying, "Come. Take refuge among us." No. Not by any stretch. "These people" have become a nuisance and a problem for them, so much so that the EU can't seem to agree on a solution to the problem. Among their considered solutions? - the military option (ridiculous!). They probably don't give a damn that many of the refugees are drowning and perhaps care only about the scandal it creates when the refugees drown on their doorsteps. But who else do they have to blame but themselves for this refugee problem? Don't they know that where there is a war zone there are refugees? And who created the war zones in the first place or are actively supporting the wars in those war zones? They and their puppet master the United States. But laughably, they are the ones left with the problem on their hands. In the meanwhile refugees are risking their lives in less-than-sea-worthy vessels in order to get to the EU countries. May God help them, for the EU won't.

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