Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Discovery, Deliverance, and Declaration

Book Review ---- Heartache Queen Unshackled

What a compelling and fascinating book! The author, Cameka Taylor, takes the reader on an incredible and unforgettable journey that highlights her travails and her triumphs from childhood to adulthood. She holds nothing back as she reflects candidly on her experiences and on issues that the reader will find all too familiar. Each chapter deals with some aspects of her struggles, but they also allow space for Miss Taylor's application of the Word of God to those struggles. Her valuable insights reflect not only her intimate connection with those struggles but also her knowledge and expertise in applying the Scriptures to derive principles that readers will find helpful in their own struggles.

Miss Taylor's journey as presented in her book is one of Discovery. It is the discovery of the inherent obstacles that got in the way of her appreciation of her true self and the recognition of that which she is capable of. It is also a journey of Deliverance - deliverance from a consuming, oppressive, and crippling diffidence and allowing her to see her value as a person who does not need the affirmation of men to authenticate her existence. Lastly, Miss Taylor's journey as highlighted in her book is a journey that makes a powerful and unapologetic Declaration of God's power, His faithfulness, and His love. 

A wonderful treat awaits the reader of this book. Once I got started on it, I could not put it down and ended up completing it in one sitting. It is a book for everyone. And while it appears to present a female perspective, males will find quite a few things it it for them. In addition, though Miss Taylor's Christian commitment is pervasive throughout the book, those readers who might no have strong religious affiliations will no doubt find her book immensely helpful. After all, it deals with the issue of relationships, an issue that is quite universal. "Heartache Queen Unshackled" is available in paperback at Amazon. By all means be sure to get a copy.

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