Monday, August 3, 2015

Those Damn Refugees

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Don't "Give me your tired, your poor..."
Don't "Send...the homeless, tempest-tossed to me..."

Many of us I'm sure saw the footage of the young Palestinian girl tearfully communicating to Chancellor Angela Merkel her fear of being deported from Germany. Ms. Merkel had just given a speech in which she bemoaned having to open up her country's borders to refugees from Africa and the Middle East. This is the problem faced by many of the developed countries in Europe, as well as in Australia and in the United States, except that in the latter they are called illegal immigrants (or, if coming from Cuba, defectors). Whether they are called aliens, defectors, or illegal immigrants, in my opinion they are all refugees because they are seeking escape from deleterious and impossible living conditions in their countries, conditions imposed upon them because of policies and transactions orchestrated by the vultures in the developed countries.

So while these developed countries decry the influx of refugees into their lands, they fail to comprehend that they themselves are the reason for the conditions from which the refugees flee. These conditions include the supported (by western governments) overthrow of democratically elected leaders (Honduras, Egypt, Ukraine, Haiti), the establishment of trade agreements that lopsidedly favor Agri-business, Agro-chemical and Mining companies to the detriment of small farmers (Peru, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, and some Caribbean and Latin-American countries), creditor-implemented austerity measures that leave underdeveloped countries perpetually in debt (Jamaica and many other underdeveloped countries), economic and commercial blockade that cripples countries (Cuba, Iran), armed support for rebel groups that result in failed or potentially failed states (Libya, South Sudan, Syria), invasions (Gaza, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali), endless drone strikes (Yemen), and endless bombings (Syria, Yemen) often without UN support. 

So, if developed countries want to effectively stop refugees from pouring into their lands, they must stop the exploitation of underdeveloped/developing countries, recognize the sovereignty of those countries, stop the sale of arms to those countries, and stop bombing and invading those countries. They should build meaningful bridges to achieving viable partnerships with those countries and not build military bases that allow for the occupation and domination of those countries. And they should speak out and hold responsible any developed country that disproportionately take advantage of underdeveloped countries.

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