Saturday, October 10, 2015

You Are Human; They Are Not

[Along the lines of Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal"] ---

What human rights? These people have no human rights. They are not humans. You are human; they are not. Your brutality towards them and your disdain for their lives and well-being provide solid evidence of your humanity. Set your dogs on them. Set their children on fire. Shoot their demonstrators. Kick them while they are on the ground. Drag them away toward your military vehicles over rocks and stones like pieces of meat. Put laws in place authorizing the use of deadly force when they throw their measly stones at your soldiers, the most moral soldiers in the world. After all, you are a nation of laws. You are civilized; they are not. You are human; they are not. 

They are worse than animals and should be treated as such. Shoot down their teenagers with your sniper rifles like the vermins they are when use slingshots (which are more powerful than your automatic weapons) against your soldiers, the most moral soldiers in the entire world. Build settlements on their lands. Arrest them without due process, and call it Administrative Detention. Steal their water. Carpet bomb their homes, their mosques, their schools. Their children are less than humans too. Airstrike their hospitals, their residential neighborhoods. That's what humans do. Carpet bomb their strip and their Bank on the West back to the Stone Age when they fire their flimsy and ridiculous fireworks rockets (which barely do any damage) at you. Hurrah for your disproportionate response. It's the human thing to do. And you are human; they are not.

You are the occupiers; that gives you the right to defend yourself. Use your blockade (even though internationally condemned) to starve them. Keep them fenced in. Build a stone wall around them. That's where those vermins belong - behind walls, like cattle. God is on your side. Doesn't it say it somewhere in some old Book of folklore that he gave you the land? Christians everywhere support you. Didn't you know? Don't you see how they remain quiet when you bomb and shoot those non-humans? Of course they support you; they believe you are favored by their God. The whole world supports you. Even the other Middle East nations support you; they make a lot of noise, but they really care little about helping that nation of stone-throwers. 

The United Nations also support you. After all, the resolutions they pass are all toothless. Haven't you noticed how they don't enforce them? That means they support you. The greatest country in the world supports you. Notice how the UN Security Council can't touch you? Can we say, Vee-to. Like MC Hammer said, "Can't Touch This!" So go ahead. Put those non-humans in their place. Bulldoze their homes. Keep them fenced in. Starve them with your blockade. And don't you worry, the international community has seen so much of your humane brutality towards these vermins that they have gotten used to it. You can now have your way with those wannabe Davids with impunity. No one notices anymore. 

[photo art by Ric Couchman]

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