Sunday, November 15, 2015

Forgotten: Garissa, Latakia, Beirut

And so "the World mourns", as well it should, the senseless killings of the innocent victims in Paris. And yes, the "World sings", as it surely ought, lighting up in solidarity with France. A plethora of analyses and expert opinions flood the major media outlets. "The World" embraces the identification of Parisians. World landmarks and monuments are iridescent in blue, white, and red. And why not? Such indeed ought to be the solidarity that we exhibit with our fellow Europeans, North Americans, Israelis, and Australians/New Zealandians. We should raise our voices against all forms of violence and hold responsible any person or group that injures or takes the life of any one of these human beings. So, indeed, the World must mourn. So, indeed, the World must express its anger, unreservedly condemning the terrorist killings in Paris. And oh....we are sorry, citizens of Latakia City, that you had to mourn alone. "The World" didn't mourn with you. Sorry, people of Garissa; sorry we didn't light up any monuments for your 147. And, people of Beirut, we are sorry we did not sing for your dead and that we did not exhibit the same kind of outrage we are exhibiting today. It's just an honest, the reality is...some things do matter more than others.

[photo art by Ric Couchman]

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