Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dear Brasileiros

Thanks for welcoming me again to your beautiful land where there is always fun in the sun. I certainly feel at home here. Obrigado. I know that right now you are weighed down with serious political matters and are at the moment considering whether President Dilma Rousseff will remain as your leader. I certainly do not envy you. It seems that even your Seleção Brasileira de Futebol is burdened and distracted by the current state of affair in that it is struggling to qualify for the World Cup. Unbelievable! The possibility of having a World Cup without Brasil's participation????? That is like feijoada without feijão preto. Unthinkable! Losing the last World Cup in the way you did was one thing, but not having your country appear in the next is scary to consider. I do hope that the team qualifies. 

I have heard time and again from your own mouths about how corrupt the politicians are in your beautiful country. It seems that you are faced with having to replace one crook with another. Like I said, I certainly do not envy you. But have you ever considered, even remotely, that the the imperial power up north might be the one dangling the strings in this puppet show. Have you already forgotten how it was involved in listening in on President Dilma's phone conversations. Is it possible that such was the manner in which they dug up the dirt on her? You know that the Big E (for Exceptional) is capable of anything (yea, like the regime change about to happen in your country) when it comes to protecting its so-called national security interest.

Then of course there is the problem of the BRICS development bank. Do you believe that the empire up north will allow Brasil to get away with teaming up with Russia and China to provide low cost loans to underdeveloped countries, thus threatening the monopoly of the IMF and the World Bank? You can count on it that the Empire will do everything possible to stymie Brasil's influence in the America's. Cuba's intransigence is one thing; the world's policeman cannot tolerate the same from Brasil. The Monroe Doctrine has room for only one power. So you can imagine the high-fives going around among the destabilizers up north on account of Dilma's dilemma. With her out of the picture, BRICS can kiss itself goodbye. Hasta la vista, (baby) BRICS. Anyway, I will leave you all to sort out your situation. In the meantime, I have some yummy cuscuz and some to-die-for acaraje to take care of.

[photo art by Ric Couchman]

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