Thursday, April 7, 2016

And the credit goes to...

A dear Facebook friend recently lauded my writing, observing that I write with passion and in a manner that grips the reader's attention. But what really struck me was when that friend said, "Keep writing. You are blessed to be a writer." I immediately found a quiet space and with tears welling up in my eyes, gave thanks to the Giver of all good and perfect gifts, asking that most powerful of being for the humility and grace to continue to do that with which I have been blessed. The truth is...throughout my high school and college years I was intimidated by the writing process. I hated writing. I still do to some extent, for I find it enervating and consuming. My skill as a writer developed on account of my insatiable appetite for reading, which habit exposed me to a variety of writing styles. What was also critical was that I had a professor who did not simply point out errors in my writing; he also offered suggestions as to what the actual correction should be. This approach certainly made me more open to feedback and less afraid to make mistakes. The study of Classical Greek during my college years also helped to solidify my deeper understanding, appreciation, and application of English grammar, but the acknowledgement for my development in mechanics, style, and usage (as these relate to writing) goes to Joseph M. Williams, E.B. White, and William Strunk, Jr., whose advice I highly recommend to those who are interested in becoming better writers. I myself am not quite there yet, but I am getting there.

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