Tuesday, October 11, 2016

An Oasis in the Beautiful Rupununi Savannah

Before and during the walk from Georgetown to Lethem I had no clear idea as to my plan with regards a place to stay once the journey was completed. Frankly, it was the least of my concerns as I was so focused on the actual walk itself. Now guardian angel Raquel Thomas had mentioned that accommodation was taken care of and had given me the name of the hotel that would be providing this service gratis. However, I merely made a mental note, and had you asked me the details of that arrangement I would not have had a clue; I had simply forgotten the information. Further, not that I would have cared much, for so used had I become to slinging my hammock or setting up my tent in the jungle.

Imagine then my surprise when the van in which we were transported from our terminal point (the Lethem bus station) pulled up to the entrance of the Rupununi Eco Hotel and Resort. It is a massive structure with surrounding grounds immaculately kept, almost with the feeling of a personal touch in its upkeep. Its imposing size was certainly in keeping with the expansiveness of the Rupununi Savannah, and as I found out later its hospitality was just as expansive and magnanimous. Owner Daniel Gajie met us at the door, greeting us enthusiastically and immediately lavishing upon us a wonderful care and concern that I was to find out was inherently typical of the Hotel. 

The lobby was incredibly spacious and airy, leading into an equally spacious dining and bar area and further leading to a patio offering an unforgettable view of the mighty Kanaku Mountains and the experience of the cool winds blowing across the savannah. The sense of space was palpable, offering a sense of freedom. There was no confinement in the beautiful Rupununi Savannah; neither was there any feeling of confinement in the Rupununi Eco Hotel. I was pleasantly surprised to find that spaciousness extended to the room provided and later found out that it was also one of the defining characteristics in every other room in the hotel. 

And the food. What is unique about the Rupununi Eco Hotel is that every meal has character. It feels like it is coming right out of mom's kitchen. From the pepper pot and homemade bread with which we were greeted, to the cook up rice, to the roti and curry, there was the feeling and taste of the careful, personal touch in preparation. The offerings in food is so varied that one is certain not to get the same meal twice in one week. The same can be said of the fruit juices. The Rupununi Eco Hotel prides itself in its offering of fresh, unadulterated fruit juices, ranging from guava, watermelon, sorrel, tamarind, pine-apple, and the myriad of fruits available in the Rupununi.

The undercurrent of the Rupununi Eco Hotel is an unfettered and warm hospitality, and this is conveyed by every member of the team involved in making sure that each guest has an unforgettable experience. The two days and two nights I spent there were truly unforgettable, and I am proud that here in Guyana we are more than adequate to the task of having a hospitality facility of such top notch quality. What I would certainly like to see is more Guyanese taking advantage of the services of the Rupununi Eco Hotel as well as the rich tourist and relaxation experience that the Rupununi Savannah has to offer. Kudos and thanks to Danny and his wonderful team for providing this refreshing oasis in the beautiful Rupununi.

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