Sunday, March 5, 2017

Be Careful What You Ask For

Tax the Rich. That's what everyone but the Rich seems to be saying these days. Now why would we want to do such a "horrible" thing to another person? We would not like a cruel thing like that done to us. Remember the golden rule. We should not do to others that which we would not want them to do to us. Now we need to be careful here and not get carried away. Cooler heads must prevail. Let's face it, the Rich "run things", and we don't want to go pissing them off by taking their "hard-earned" money away from them. You would be pissed off too if someone were threatening to take some of your money away from you in such a manner. Saying that the Rich should pay taxes is bullying, and we all know that bullying is wrong. When the Rich is threatened with taxation, it's like declaring war on them. Let us stop this belligerence and hostility toward the rich.

Taxing the Rich will also adversely affect our politicians, and God knows how important our politicians are to us. Behind every politician is a wealthy person, and taxing the Rich will cause them to withdraw their financial support for our needy politicians. Could you imagine our politicians bereft of their all-expense-paid vacations and of their luxurious means of travel on the private jets of the Rich? If we want the game to continue, we can't piss off the person who brought the ball to the game. He or she will take his ball and go play elsewhere, like in places where people are far poorer and who will accept far less to play. Don't you get it? If we tax the Rich, they will close up shop and take their business elsewhere. We can also say goodbye to philanthropy. What! You don't know what philanthropy is? It is the pretense of caring by giving pennies to the poor. Why we would want to cause that to stop beats the hell out of me. Just imagine. All those "Foundations" will come crumbling down, and all those "Endowments" will no longer be endowed. My mother always used to say, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you." We should leave the Rich alone because one day we might become Rich too, and we will most certainly not want anyone threatening us with such a terrible thing as taxation.

[Photograph by Angela Pereira]

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