Sunday, March 12, 2017

My First Book of Poetry

Ordinarily, one would feel proud and would vigorously celebrate such an achievement, and I did indeed feel a sense of pride of accomplishment when my first book of poetry was published a few years ago. However, I also felt like I wanted to run away and hide on account of the attention since I was never one for basking in the limelight. The poems in that book (edited by author and my dear friend, Neville DeAngelou) are raw, bold, and in-your-face, not unlike my later publications, but without the finesse and sophistication. What is interesting is that I do not revisit that book of poetry. It is like that unwanted child, that bastard child born out of wedlock, the one with whom you want no association. A source of embarrassment. One that you wish did not exist but one that stands out like an impediment.

Do not get me wrong; the poems in that book are quite good, in fact, darned good, but they lay the poet bare, like my recurring dream of standing, with nothing on but a shirt, in the midst of a room filled with people. I titled the book, "Musings from Outside the Universal", a title that hints of my own personal philosophy, as well as my influence by Danish theologian and philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard. I have yet to figure out the real reason for my non-engagement with this book; perhaps this warrants a few therapy sessions. But the book is out there; it exists, available in only Kindle version on Amazon, available to take you on a journey, if you would allow it, outside the universal.

[cover art by Angela Pereira]

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