Thursday, March 9, 2017

Of Mice and Madmen and Mayhem

The little boys are at it again, and this time with far greater eagerness, eager to see who can piss farther than the other, whose dicks are bigger than the other, and who's balls are bigger than the other. No one wants to be a mouse. Not only that, they have also been given to a lot of threats recently, with the phrases "severe consequences" and "nothing off the table" the most often repeated. And in the meanwhile, we the sheeple - are going about our merry ways oblivious of the boys out there playing with fire. These boys (madmen) are threatening one another with wars, playing war games, and are acting in such provocative manner that it is only a matter of time before one of them does something really stupid and with devastating consequences. There is no time to determine who is right and who is wrong or who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Everyone who is in possession of nuclear weapons is the bad guy. We the sheeple must shake ourselves out of our timidity and dare to hold the military powers in our world accountable. It is time to reclaim our world from all the military shit and to hold leaders responsible for sending our young men and women to fight senseless wars. It time to call an end to all belligerence. Save our world from these madmen. Fuck wars, nuclear weapons, the military industrial complex, and the proliferation of weapons! 

Here is a list of some their recent threats to each other ---

North Korea tests missile in the Sea of Japan, and the U.S. responds, saying that "all options are on the table" in dealing with that nation.

Iran's Navy Commander warns of "irreversible consequences" in response to US "provocations" in the Persian Gulf.

North Korea warns that US and South Korean joint military exercises could result in “actual war.”

North Korea says the US will pay dearly for its accusations that North Korea is state sponsor of terrorism.

China warns the US and South Korea of consequences if the latter hosts the former's THAAD missile defense system.

The US warns Iran that "nothing is off the table" in response to that country's recent missile test.

Russia says it will take "adequate measures" to counter NATO's aggressive rhetoric.

China warns the U.S. that its action in the South China Sea is a threat to China's sovereignty and security.

Turkey threatens to strike Kurdish forces if they do not withdraw from Manbij, Northern Syria.

Syria accuses Israel for launching missiles on one of it airbases and threatens it with  "repercussions".

[photo art by Ric Couchman]

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