Saturday, March 25, 2017

Radicalization 101


The iron birds are at it again,
Raining down fiery death and scorching pain,
Leaving in their booming wake,
Hearts hardened and bubbling with bitter hate.

Dug out of al-Jadida's ashy rubble,
The civilian dead are numbered in the scores,
But the jihadis, supposed cause of all the trouble,
Their count stands at merely three, or four.

What's the excuse for such deplorable carnage?
Listen to the Coalition spew out their flimsy verbiage,
Speaking of the bad guys' use of human shields,
While their airstrikes turn Mosul into a killing field.

Are these Pentagon Generals so foolishly blind?
Can't they see it's not only the fanatic's sermon that turns the mind
But also those bombs, the grim destroyers of limb and life,
Radicalizing, endlessly fanning the flames of hatred and strife?

Meanwhile, the UN can talk only of its profound concern,
While hapless Mosul and al-Jadida burn and burn.
Silent they are about the Coalition's war crimes,
Offering no expectation of justice in our current lifetime.

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