Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Pope and the War Criminal

If I were in the country of Rwanda I would be prosecuted and put into prison for writing the following. I would be charged with denying the official narrative of the genocide in Rwanda during the mid-90s. The official narrative is the narrative that presents the Tutsis as the sole victims of the genocide, that presents Paul Kagame as the hero who ended it, and that gave us Hollywood's "Hotel Rwanda". It is the narrative that leaves out Paul Kagame's complicity (along with the CIA, according to former UN Secretary General, Boutros Ghali) in the deaths of the heads of state of Rwanda and Burundi, his invasion of Rwanda from Uganda, the deaths of countless numbers of Hutus at the hands of his soldiers, and his subsequent invasion of the Congo which resulted in even more atrocities against Hutu refugees. I would be prosecuted for saying that President Paul Kagame, the Washington regime's (from Bill Clinton to Obama) "boy" in Rwanda (and also Tony Blair's boy), is a war criminal. Imagine my surprise when I read recently that Pope Francis asked forgiveness "for the sins and failings of the Church and its members” during Rwanda’s 1994 genocide." But what was even more disturbing was that Pope Francis said it to President Kagame, the very man who, far from being the one who stopped the genocide (according to the official narrative) was himself responsible for the genocide. The Pope was apologizing to the worst war criminal currently on the planet. How could he not know? 

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