Saturday, April 1, 2017

How to Fix the Problem in the Middle East

Invade a country to beat up on a group that rhymes with the name of one of Shakespeare's characters, the son of Sycorax, only to see that group re-emerge in greater force after your sixteen years (and counting) of trying to defeat them with your superior military. Under the guise of humanitarian intervention, bomb (to lawlessness and ruin), Tripolitania, Fezzan and Cyrenaica, three regions once prosperous and which together formed the greatest nation in Africa, leaving it to be run by two (yes two) inept governments each claiming legitimacy. Rain your hellfires upon and organize incursions of your so-called elite force into that land on Africa's horn, whose pastoral people we have been led to view as ruthless savages, having had imprinted on our minds Hollywood's images of black-skinned people bringing down Blackhawks and ruthlessly killing their good-guy occupants. Fabricate lies about a certain nation's leader to justify your invasion, and leave in the wake of your exit large-scale destruction and weekly suicide bombing attacks that often claim innocent civilians as victims. Use your intelligence agency to secretly fund the rebel army currently seeking to overthrow the legitimate government of the world's newest sovereign state, and also provide arms to rebel factions linked to one of your greatest terrorist enemies in order to bring about regime change in al-Sham or the Levant. Then turn a blind eye as that Wahhabist state you dote on pulverize (with arms you sell them) and starve (through blockade) the poorest nation in the Middle East. In other words, become the problem.

[photo art by Ric Couchman]

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