Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Letter From a Young Tactical Service Unit Officer of the Guyana Police Force

I received the letter in the accompanying image from a young officer in the Tactical Service Unit of the Guyana Police Force. I present it below in exactly the way it was written. What is readily obvious in the letter is the poor morale among the ranks and the utter disregard for their well-being on the part of their superiors. In my walk around Guyana (during the months of September-December, 2016) I saw firsthand the deplorable conditions under which our young men and women Police Officers work. How can they be energized to provide safety if they themselves are working in stations that are unpleasant and unhealthy. Most of the stations I have seen are grimy black on the outside, full of broken windows, and in utter state of disrepair. No human should have to work under such terrible conditions. The worst of the lot was the Anna Regina Station. Brickdam seems to come a close second (see accompanying photo). The following is the young officer's letter. It was shared with me on December 19, 2016. Please overlook issues of grammar, usage, and mechanics and focus more on the despair that emanates from the young officer's correspondence.

"In the tactical Service Unit there is not enough water or most time no water in base. At the ministers residence and ordinary out post there is no water system for ranks in majority out post and ministers residence.

There is no support in the Tactical Service Unit when it comes to workers (ranks) satisfaction. There is no care system, that ranks don't have a say in what goes on the post of work (duty) and the working environment is bad, unhealthy to work in.

Bad living environment. It is a very unhealthy environment where people have to dwell to take a bath, to eat or to sleep, If you observe the entire area it is untidy and unpleasant for working

Meals Not Healthy: In the kitchen pots pans are not in pleasant manner which is unhealthy. Rats the size of a book lingers around the entire base including the mess hall which can couse sick. Garbage are not properly dispose leaving the compound nasty and stink.

A lot of theft with no investigation. It is very common in the Police Force especially the Tactical Service Unit. for theft to take place. Its observe that at the T.S.U theft is fun and game for other ranks. It is a factor that is also listed in the log book of the T.S.U. because of many theft. Their must be more than 100 phones and other items stolen, and never investigated in the Guyana Police Force"

[photo art by Ric Couchman]

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