Sunday, April 15, 2018

Time to Tear up the Meaningless United Nations Charter ---

And not only should the United Nations Charter be shredded, the representatives of the member states of the United Nations ought to pack their belongings and go home, as the entire body now serves no useful purpose. As the guarantor of peace and stability among member states and as the upholder of the principles of international law, the United Nations has failed us. It has failed to hold responsible and to call to account the American regime along with its vassal British and French regimes for their recent act of aggression against a sovereign member state (Syria) of the United Nations, a criminal act, an act that is in contravention of the United Nations Charter since it was carried out unilaterally and without a mandate from the United Nations Security Council. 

These three rogue states, in virtue of their breach of and their utter disregard for international law, have shown the rest of the world that they can act with impunity and that there is no institution or nation state that can do anything about it - certainly not the United Nations. Sadly, then, it means that in our current world no international norms or rule of law exist. The American regime (in consort with vassals Britain and France), arrogating to itself the role of acting on behalf of the international community and the role of world policeman under the pretext of questionable neo-humanitarianism, has shown that it is a law unto itself and that it will impose its will on the international community whether its members like it or not. In sum, the only right that now exist in our world today is the might of the American regime, and the only law operative in our world today is the will of the American regime. And any nation of the world that resists its might and will, does so to its own peril. A sad state of affairs indeed.

[photo art by Ric Couchman]

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