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Where is the Love
Brian Morrison aka MeSeh Dat

Sun streaked from
 A smiling sky
  And said hi.
   Hey ray what`s up ?
    Was the reply.
     But there, mixed in
      Over yonder hills,
      Dark clouds hung.
     Their sad eyes
    Teary, sorrow filled,
   Had just witnessed
  Another dad killed
 In full view
Of little boy blue.                                     

Said I to Cumilus -
"Couldn`t He have
  Struck said culprits
   Shocked them motionless ?
    Prevented heartbreaks
     Preserved breadwinner ?
      No! he thundered
      As lightning flashed
     Flooding the land
    With a Nation`s tears.
   "That was mother nature
  Following Father`s plans
 The big boss man
Knows best - trust Him."                

NO! Said I
 Shaking like a tree
  My roots dug deep
   Clinging to soils
    Bloodied by haters
     Steeped in denial
     "Please preach that
      To heaven seekers
     Eyes shuttered
    Heads hung low
   Staring. Looking up
  For miracle`s magic
 As mankind suffers

People bankrupt, stressed
 Their unhappy hearts
  Slowly drowning
   In poverty and pain
    Like children in a
     Deep unattended pool,
      Their decapitated heads
      Crying - help! Help!
     Begging for a lifeline.
    God, Allah, Buddha,
   Jesus, Jehovia...Jah!
  Whatever your name be -
 Where on Man`s earth
Is thy love for Humanity?"                       

By: Brian Morrison AKA MeSeh Dat                  
"The big boss man knows best - Trust Him" ?

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